Oral Sex

oral1.jpgOral sex consists of all sexual activities that involve the use of the mouth and tongue to stimulate genitalia

There are some reasons to practice Oral sex by the heterosexual (male–female) couple but it is commonly practiced for pleasure or as foreplay. Many women who are anorgasmic can only achieve orgasm through oral sex, and so they often prefer it instead of or in addition to sexual intercourse.

felatio.jpgOral sex is practiced in both heterosexual (male –female) and homosexual (same sex) relationships. In male-female relationships, oral sex can be a temporary measure of contraception, and may be opted as an alternative to intercourse for this reason. It is said by experts that oral sex is not an effective methods of preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

200px-cunni.pngIf a couple is uncomfortable with intercourse during menstruation, they may engage in fellatio. If a couple is uncomfortable or unable to perform intercourse during pregnancy, they may engage in oral sex.

Cunnilingus and Fellatio are two common oral sex involving a woman and man’s genitals (as shown in the above pictures). In these cases one partner remains passive but “69” posture is the best way of Oral Sex performed by both partners for simultaneous pleasure of Oral Sex. In Kama Sutra it is called “Congress of the crow”.

Partners lie with their heads at opposite ends of the bed, on their sides (or women over male). The taller partner has to curl up a bit so that each partner’s mouth is lined up with the other’s genitals and vice versa. The most sensitive part of the penis is under the rim of the head. Running female partners tongue under there is sure to please him and so the female partner is pleased when his tongue moves over her clit. Both are leaking each others most sensitive parts of the sexual organs and enjoying the pleasure. This generates pleasures to greater heights emanating moaning sound from both the partners. This way both will reach to extreme leading to climax. At extreme point, she may cry with pleasure before orgasm.




6 Responses to “Oral Sex”

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  2. man do i lov 2 get eaten out its like a wet sensational vibrator

  3. i am on fire reading this i love this topic i am dying to make love to a woman on the great 69

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  5. bharat mehta. Says:

    Presentation is good, with expert and experienced mind.Congratulations. I call oral sex pleasure as spiritual because this act make its goal, extremely clear.This act can be classified as nonpenetrative, because without penetratation, this act, lead its practinisers, directly to Heaven, and offer sufficient technic to control their ejectulations, and thus they can keep their heaven intact. Again congratulation to the writer of this piece.bharat from surat.

  6. this topic is cool i never knew enything before

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